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  • Dealing with pain from illness or injury becomes a major issue for most people sometime in their lives. Indeed, for millions of chronic pain victims, it is the issue every moment of their lives.

    But there is a way to break through this pain with the practice of Mindfulness Meditation. 

    More importantly, when you break through pain in this way, you get a sense of being empowered and even nurtured by it — strange as that may sound. Thus, meditation is not merely a way to manage pain; it actually allows you to experience pain as deeply meaningful in the sense of contributing to psychological and spiritual growth. 

    The techniques such as those which will be described are available to deal with pain. Those techniques do not just affect your relationship to the pain; they affect your entire life. In learning them, you will be learning to develop the focusing power of your own mind.

    The focusing power of your own mind is the single most important tool that you have in this life.

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